Product Name Original Tree Climbers' Pants
Style # 102220
As low as $50.00

Our very first product is still the best pair of heavy duty climbing pants around. What customers love: "rugged yet comfortable; roomy fit; reliable; already feel broken in." Also available for women.


These cotton canvas climbing pants are the pants that made us who we are today. Durable, comfortable and just what you need to focus on the task at hand, our 12.5 oz. pre-shrunk, washed Canvas Originals feel broken in right from the get go. Our signature Rugged Gusset™ crotch, industrial stitching and double knees allow for maximum freedom of movement, comfort and durability. Finally, our custom semi-tapered cuffs won't get hung up when you are doing your thing. So go climb something. Something tall and sharp. And possibly maple-flavored.


• 12.5 oz. Pre-washed, Ringspun 100% Cotton Canvas
• 3-Piece Rugged Gusset™ Crotch
• Signature Utility Pocket
• Double Layer Knee
• Boot Friendly Work Cuff
• Garment Washed 
• 7 Belt Loops (except in waist size 30, which fits only 5 Belt Loops)


Reviewed by Lance

Like everyone , I’ve tried many different companies when looking for pants . Found the canopy pants a few years back and I live in them but I needed something more abrasive resistant for work. I’ve been wearing Carhartt firm duck double-front knee work pants style ( B01) for years and just put up with being uncomfortable because they are great pants . These original tree climbers are everything that the carhartts are and then some! They are durable and comfortable and have plenty of room to move in . They are also less baggy then carhartts but still a little baggy which is great for freedom and so it doesn’t look like I’m wearing skinny jeans . Sizing is different than carhartts and regular Levi’s I wear . I am 6’1 240 and normally wear 36x32 in everything , with these new arborwear pants I went up to a 38x34 and the fit was perfect! I could have got away with a length of 32 but I like my pants a little long because I wash and dry my pants . Whish these pants had more pockets on the sides but that is the only thing I can pick out . Great pants , don’t hesitate , have both worlds of comfortability And durability !!!

Reviewed by Longtime Customer

These pants are still very good, but they used to be Excellent. Quality has gone downhill over the years. The "original" Original Tree Climber's Pants were constructed with better quality material and lasted much longer. These new ones don't last nearly as long, with the material in the crotch area blowing out and ripping in multiple pairs after only a few short months...

Reviewed by lance

these pants are comfortable and give in all the right places. I only wish they brought back the color black. only reason i give 4 stars instead of 5.

Reviewed by Butter

I wear mine everywhere love them

Reviewed by Greg

The pants are comfortable and well fitted. The biggest downfall of these pants is how quickly the pockets wear out and rip. They need to make them with a more rugged fabric.

Reviewed by Mountain Goat

I have been buying these pants for over 12 years probably own or owned about 40 of them the older ones held up and are still holding up some of my new ones always rip the threads at the crotch, I'm not gonna give up yet, Im gonna buy 2 more pairs and see what happens. If these rip Im done.

Reviewed by Tony

Saved my butt. Great comfortable pants for work, but last week I found out they make an awesome pair of motorcycle pants. My bike decided to part ways with me and sent me for a little slide. Small hole at the knee (just thru one layer) and small hole by the back pocket. Didn’t even get a brush burn.

Reviewed by Sam

Great pants. I'm a surveyor and wear these when working in woods and thorny areas. Walk through briars like they don't exist.

Reviewed by Bailey

Great pants except they run small in waist and big in the thighs.

Reviewed by James

Great pants! Only two reasons I rated them 4 stars instead of 5: 1. No ability to rate them 4-1/2 stars. 2. Pants on model illustrate 7 belt loops. However, actual pants have only 5 belt loops. 7 loops would be better. Otherwise, keep up the good work. NOTE FROM ARBORWEAR: Jim, thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it. Our OTC pants have 7 belt loops in all waist sizes except 30. Size 30 has only 5 belt loops as there is not enough space to fit the full 7. We have updated the specs on our website to call this out. Thanks!

Reviewed by William

Am generally happy with these, however after only 3 weeks there were two holes worn through and the stitching began to come loose on the little utility side pocket from just carrying a pocket knife or a cell phone. Expected them to be more durable. Would probably buy another pair but just not put anything in that pocket.

Reviewed by Jay

I'm on my third pair of the pants and they are as comfortable as a pair of old sweatpants. The only complaint are the holes that start to develop at the point where the top corners of the rear pockets are attached.

Reviewed by Dayne

LIFE. CHANGING. I spend everyday of my life dragging through the brush, trudging through the mud, scraping along the rocks and sifting through the sand. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the people who make these pants. Thank you for making my life far more comfortable. I destroy work pants, so I will definitely write another post detailing a few months of me in arbor wears. Only complaint/question so far- what the hell are you supposed to put in the utility pocket? A cigarette lighter? Thats the only thing I carry with me that fits in it….

Reviewed by Michael

Ok, what I would like to say is these pants are awesome. I have had the first pair for almost 8 years and there still wearable. I love these paints if you were looking for a pair of pants that will probably out live you, than you have found your pant supplier because they really are tough I work in the mountains of north Carolina and I beat these pants every day and I have tried to ruin them but the continue to stay in one piece day in and day out. I hope they come back with overalls. I heard they had them but then they stopped selling them . But any ways who is ever looking for a great pair of paints, you found it

Reviewed by Tyler

These pants are great! They are extremely durable and warm. I am a Arborist so I work outside all year round so I save these for the winter. No need to wear thermals or long johns. I wear these for any climbing or especially for snow removal operations. They're a great deal for the price as well. Will out perform any pair of work jeans or other name brand pants!

Reviewed by Tal

I love these pants! I have worn out several pairs of Carhartts and these hold up much, much better and have a better fit to boot. Love the gusseted crotch! These are the best hardworking pants that I have found...and I quit looking.

Reviewed by Andrew

Nothing far as pants go. If AW makes them I have worn them. Hard pressed to wear any other pants. The comfort is awesome- conventional pants are "diamond cutters". The wife said I need logo AW underwear and socks and I would be covered head to toe. (Wish you did make them as a joke) The originals are great, but all the styles are equally great. Great product - I wear it literally everyday

Reviewed by Todd

Please bring back the color black!!! I could get away with that color as semi-dress pants after a quick wash. Only one issue, the inseam stitching blew out. When I called Arborwear, they said that they would gladly replace them with another color. I didn't want to give up the black, so I hand sewed them back. Still works great.

Reviewed by Lex

Awesome pants! way more comfortable than other, similar pants I have owned. After three years, only the tiniest hole in the first layer of a knee.

Reviewed by Thomas

Best pants ever made! Wear them everyday to work and then at home to relax! They have been put to the test in every way possible and they always hold up!

Reviewed by Johnathan

Killer "do-it-all" pants that are really tough and really comfortable... bring back the color black!

Reviewed by Thomas

So comfortable yet professional in appearance and super tough wearing.

Reviewed by Scott

I just got my first pair of original tree climber pants, and there the most comfortable pair of pants I have ever had, its like not wearing pants at all. Thanks Arborwear!!!

Reviewed by Daniel

Split and stacked 3 cords of wood one day last week while wearing these incredible pants. Washed 'em and wore 'em out the same day. Have three pair and more are on the Christmas list! Not a better pair of pants on the market.

Reviewed by Jace

So here's the deal: I got these and put them on, then I went to bed forgetting that they were on, that's how comfy they are. I got these for farm and trail work so I definitely think that they will hold up. They also look damn good. I am already planning buying a second pair of the original and I have a pair of the flannel in the mail. These Rock!

Reviewed by Bob

These have become my favorite pair of pants. The comfort and durability are great and I cant wait to wash them so I can wear them again.

Reviewed by Mike

Have worn out a couple pair of these in the last few years, not bad for rotating a few pair through to wear every day. These pants have held up far longer than regular jeans and at least twice as long as carhartts. Now that there are lined jeans for winter wear and zip-offs for summer wear I should be set. My order is coming soon.

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