Product Name Cedar Flex Pants
Style # 102230
As low as $60.00

Work pants shouldn’t cramp your style – or any other important areas. What customers love: "slimmer fit compared to Original Tree Climbers'; soft and comfortable; durable stretch; completely different from other work pants." Also available for women.


Our Cedar Flex Pants offer you the ultimate working mix of strength, durability and mobility. The 13 oz. 96% Cotton / 4% Spandex twill weave allows for incredible range of movement while still giving you all the durability you need. Most other stretch work pants are 8 oz. cotton. The Cedar Flex Pants are the first true, heavy duty work pants at 13 oz. cotton. The double knee and rear heel panels offer added protection in high wear areas. These pants also offer plenty of storage space, with front pockets featuring a ledge to hang a knife or tape measure, rear patch pockets, signature utility front pocket and a rear utility welt pocket that fits most phones. The Cedar Flex Pants even have an updated, modern fit with a straight leg and a boot friendly work cuff. If durability and mobility are #1 and #1.01 on your list of importance, these pants are for you.


• 13 oz. Pre-washed Cedar Flex Twill
• 96% Cotton / 4% Spandex
• 3-Piece Rugged Gusset™ Crotch
• Signature Utility Pocket
• Double Layer, Articulated Knees
• Rear Utility Welt Pocket
• Double Layer Heel Panel
• Boot Friendly Work Cuff
• Garment Washed


Reviewed by Seth

I have had 2 of these pants which were good but both of them shrank to the point in which I cannot wear them. So make sure to order them a size larger .

Reviewed by Jacob

I love these pants but as a work planner for Davey Tree I walk through some rough terrain and the pants are plucking really bad other than that they keep me warm and lasted longer than any of my carharrt pants

Reviewed by Matt

These pants are extremely comfortable and tough. These are by far the best pair of pants I've ever bought. They are a bit expensive but they were worth every penny.

Reviewed by Alex

These are the best pants I have worn! They are super comfortable but also very durable. They do whatever you can put them through and won’t wear down.

Reviewed by Delboy

Amazing pants! Better than any Carhartt or Duluth pants I've ever put on! And not to take away from them, they're great brands, but their designs are boxy and too loose on me. These Cedar Flex pants are slightly thicker than Carhartts, offer a lot more features, and fit WAY better. I can almost do the splits in these, and they don't bind at all, not in the hips or the crotch. These are worth the higher price tag for sure. You know what they say about quality - buy once, cry once!

Reviewed by Matt

These pants are extremely comfortable and tough. These are by far the best pair of pants I've ever bought. They are a bit expensive but they were worth every penny.

Reviewed by Jim L.

My first pair ever of your product is the Cedar Flex Pants that arrived today - terrific product - excellent fit and seems like the perfect weight for what I do. The triple gusseted crotch is a great feature. I'll be ordering at least one more pair for the winter. Thanks, Jim

Reviewed by Wes

Absolutely amazing pants. I have 5 pair now and they are awesome. They are only pants I wear practically. Tough as nails, comfortable enough to lay around on the couch in, and stylish enough to go to town in. Can’t say it enough....these are the only pants a real man needs. There only one problem, the length seems off. Have 4 pair of the 34x30 and they actually run 29.5”. Have one pair of the 34x32 and they run 32.5” that’s 3” difference. If Arborwear made the odd sizes in their lengths, they would honestly have the best pant out there hands down. That is the only con at all to these pants. If they would give off sizes, I would rate them off the charts.

Reviewed by Anonymous

These are probably the most comfortable and functional work pants you can find. The fit is perfect, the fabric is super tough, and the stretch is what really sets these apart from other work pants. Climb a ladder, a tree, a flight of stairs or bag a 10,000 foot peak in them (done it!) and they won't hold you back. I'd choose them over any other "work" pant out there. Buy these britches! They're worth it! If only they came in a flannel lined option too...

Reviewed by Isaac

These are pretty badass all around britches! The fabric is super tough and has a surprising amount of stretch for how thick and durable it is. They're a great pair of pants when you need freedom of movement and durability for hiking, work, or just every day wear. The pockets are deep and functional, the hand pockets having a handy reinforced ledge for a pocket knife so your hand fits in comfortably too; an additional coin pocket would be nice, but not necessary. If these were available in flannel lined they might be all I'd wear!

Reviewed by Michael

Bought as I'm a fan of heavy weight flexible work pants. I have SOB heavy weights but they're kind of a rubbery feeling heavy blend fabric. These come across as easy bending very heavy denim. These would be excellent on a dairy where you are constantly climbing and descending different implements. My Pros: 1. Large heel panels. 2. Perfect ratio of flex to texture. No rubbery feel. 3. Double knee panels are huge and will add years of wear. 4. As noted on previous review, excellent front pocket design. 5. If you were only allowed one pair of pants in your life, these would probably last. 6. No zippers (pros and cons there). Things that could be better: 1. The cell phone pocket will fit an S6, without a case. Broken screen to follow. The only real way to carry a work size armored phone in pants is a cargo pocket. But that's out of scope of the mission it seems. (I'm ok with that.) 2. Excellent for tractor work, but they'd be perfect if they had a butt panel or saddle like the thigh panels. It'd add $20 bucks to the pants probably, but I'd buy a second pair. 3. No zippers (pros and cons there). 4. Not the best choice for Deep South summer. I got a chuckle as they have a stamped label with fields for your name and phone number on the RHS pocket. There are pros and cons to filling that out, depending on where you leave them, LOL!

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