Arborwear Introduces #SuperHeroDads and a Way to Use Your Power for Good this Father's Day

Arborwear Introduces #SuperHeroDads and a Way to Use Your Power for Good this Father's Day

In a world of comic book and movie super heroes, not one of them has ever been famous for “plungering” a toilet, grilling a perfect steak, or showing you how to change your oil.  No, for that kind of super power, you have to look closer to home.  Because only “Dad” can leap over dog poop in a single bound, serve you cake for breakfast, or shave an hour off your vacation drive without ever stopping to ask for directions.

This year, to celebrate Father’s Day, we invite you to meet just a few of these #SuperHeroDads at Arborwear.  Every day these dads bring their A-game to obsessive compulsive landscaping, foraging for adult beverages, working hard without smelling like it, and standing out in a crowd.  And by sporting their rugged, comfortable Arborwear, they look good and feel good doing it.

Meet the #SuperHeroDads at the Arborwear Flagship Store in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, on Arborwear's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, and here at

  • Legendary Lawn Defender:  Weeds and lawn boulders are no match for this Dad -- he earns his hammock time by bringing his lush lawn to its knees every week.  
  • Amazing Yeti Hunter – This Dad knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it – even when it requires stealth mode and Mossy Oak.
  • Sergeant Sweet Smells – The smart Dad understands the need to work more and stink less to keep his family and friends close. 
  • The Human Flashlight – Never one to shy away from the spotlight, this dad stands out in a crowd and stays safe by being seen.

Have a #SuperHeroDad of your own?  Use your power for good and save 20% on Arborwear apparel* with promo code HERODAD20 now through Friday, June 8. Shop the Gift Guide