Arborwear and Davey: Safety Through Innovation

An arborist’s hands do more than run a saw or grip a rope. Now, they can wield the power to improve tree care safety.

Thanks to a partnership with Arborwear, The Davey Tree Expert Company is delivering safety through innovation. The Davey Institute and the corporate safety department worked closely with Arborwear to develop the Factors and Forces gloves, a high-quality work glove that also spreads a message of safety. The 10 words written on the gloves, one for each finger, remind the wearer how to determine the risks related to climbing or working in, on or near a tree. 

These gloves can’t be ordered. To receive a pair, one must attend Davey’s Factors and Forces educational class.

“I like to think of the gloves as the diploma for completing Factors and Forces,” R.J. Laverne, Davey’s manager of education and training, said.

Laverne came up with the idea for the gloves and created the prototype.

“As we were developing this course, we realized it could be summarized in 10 concepts.” Laverne said. “When I was ready to write them down, I saw a pair of work gloves, and that’s when the light bulb went off.”

Arborwear loved the idea and suggested the language be applied to the back of the glove so that the words would not wear off the work surface.

To bring Laverne’s idea to life, Arborwear worked with a glove specialist to develop the world’s first custom work gloves to use as training tools, putting the knowledge in our hands.

“The gloves and this program are all about safety – safety of our people,” Laverne said.